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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I request for materials to be removed?

A: Fill out the current Unwanted Chemical Removal Form on this website and send it to We are no longer accepting faxed requests.

Q: When will someone be here to remove the materials?
A: If we approve the request, we strive to have the materials removed in 15 days.

Q: How do I know if the EHSO has my request?
A: When you email the request to, you will receive an email stating the request was either approved or denied.

Q: How do I dispose of ________ ?
A: Email us at or call 3-2436 and let us know what you have a question about.  We will do our best to find the proper disposal method for your material.

Q: I found an unknown material, what should I do?
A: Unknown material is expensive to dispose of.  The steps to screen unknowns are in the “Unknown Fact Sheet.” If you wish, you can pay a fee to have the unknowns tested by an outside group to determine general information of the material (pH, flammability, reactivity, etc.).


Q: I found a note on my door that the EHSO attempted a removal, what should I do?
A: That sticky note means we attempted a removal but no one was in the area to let us in. Call us at 3-2436 and we will setup a date and time to remove your materials. Please make sure that at least one person is available to provide access to the lab.

Q: The EHSO handed me a piece of paper titled “Trouble Tag form”? What is this and how does it affect me?
A: This form alerts you to a problem with your unwanted items(s)—formulas used, uncapped bottles, bottles in poor condition. We must follow certain protocols set forth by the federal and state government when collecting waste. The corrections normally do not take long to perform. If you have any questions, please call us at 3-2436.

Q: When the Hazardous Waste Technician arrives, can I give them extra items to remove?
A: As a matter of general practice, no. However there are some limited exceptions to this and the Hazardous Waste Technician will generally make that determination while on site and let you know if you need to submit an additional request.

Q: What should I do with our gas cylinders?
A: Contact the cylinder manufacturer/supplier to see if the cylinder can be returned when you have used the contents.  If the cylinder cannot be sent back, call 3-2436 for assistance.

Q: We had a spill in our laboratory and we were able to clean it up. What should we do with the resulting debris?
A: All debris should be double bagged, closed (either knotted or secured with a zip tie) and have a tag or piece of paper taped to the bag(s) listing what was cleaned up (ex. Acetone spill debris). When filling out the Unwanted Chemical Removal form, list what was cleaned up and how many bags of debris need to be removed.