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Respiratory Protection Program

Respiratory Protection Program

Under the guidance of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the UIC Respiratory Protection Program’s goal is to reduce or prevent harmful exposure to hazardous airborne materials and infectious substances (harmful dusts, fumes, gases, mists, bio aerosols, etc.). When possible, these conditions should be reduced or eliminated through the use of engineering or administrative controls.

Procedure for Laboratory Workers

If you think you need a respirator, email  A member of EHSO will visit and assess if engineering or administrative controls can be implemented in lieu of a respirator. If a respirator is deemed necessary, you must be medically evaluated by Health Services, fit tested by EHSO or Health Services, and complete the on-line Respiratory Protection training.

Procedure for UIC Medical Center Employees

Hospitals are unique work environments with challenging occupational health and safety issues.  The hospital environment contains hazards such as bacteria and viruses that may be inhaled by personnel and cause illness. There are several job functions in the UIC Hospital that require yearly fit testing for respirator use.  Before you are fit tested each year, you are required to complete the online Respiratory Protection training in the LMS system and complete the Medical Questionnaire.  The Medical Questionnaire will be evaluated by Health Services to determine if you need to visit Health Services to evaluate if you have any medical conditions which would prohibit respirator use.


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