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General Building Evacuation Procedures

In preparation for an event that may require you to evacuate a building, it’s important to know what you should do beforehand so that you’re better prepared to evacuate the building safely and efficiently should the need arise.

  1. Identify the two nearest exits for your area. It’s important to know two exit paths should you find one blocked by smoke, fire or other hazards.
  2. Identify the location of the nearest fire alarm pull station if they exist in your building. This is the best way to alert others of the need to evacuate.
  3. Follow the instructions of emergency response personnel. These personnel will include the UIC Police Department, the Chicago Fire Department, the UIC Environmental Health and Safety Office and other emergency response personnel.
  4. Once the fire alarm is activated you should leave immediately through the nearest and safest exit. Rescue anyone in the immediate danger area if you can safely do so. Do not attempt to use the elevators as a means of exit.
  5. If you’re not able to evacuate the building without assistance and there is immediate danger (smoke/fire) in your area, you should proceed to the nearest stairwell landing and wait for evacuation assistance. If there is no immediate danger, you may go into any room that has a door that can be shut and a phone that can be used. Use the phone to call the UIC Police Department. Their emergency phone number is 312-355-5555, or 5-5555 from a campus phone. Be prepared to tell them your location so that they know where to find you.
  6. Close, but do not lock, all doors as you evacuate.
  7. Once you’re outside, proceed to move at least 50 feet away from the building so that you’re far enough away from any danger that may exist, such as shattering glass. This also gives emergency response personnel enough room to do their job.
  8. Call the UIC Police Department at 312-355-5555 to alert them of the activated alarm. Be prepared to tell them the name and address of the building.