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Radiation Safety

radioactive symbol

The Radiation Safety Section manages a full-service radiation safety program


The Radiation Safety Section’s services include:

  • Establishing authorized radionuclide laboratories and posting radiation warnings signs, notices, and procedures.
  • Receiving and inspecting all incoming radionuclide shipments.
  • Calibrating and operational checks on all survey meters.
  • Testing sealed sources for leaks.
  • Inspecting all x-ray machines on campus.
  • Collecting, processing, and disposing of radioactive waste and supervising cleanup of hazardous  radioactive spills.
  • Providing dosimeters and reviewing monthly reports.
  • Conducting radiation surveys and laboratory inspections.

Radiation Project Authorizations

If you will be working with radionuclides at UIC, you should contact the Radiation Safety Section for the following:

  • Appropriate forms, instructions, radionuclide data sheets, and the Radiation Safety Manual.
  • Assistance with preparing and obtaining approvals for authorization documents and submitting applications to the Radiation Safety Office.

You can call 312-996-7429 during business hours or 6-SAFE after hours.

Radiation Safety Training

All personnel authorized to use radioactive materials at UIC must attend the initial three-hour radiation safety lecture followed by annual refresher training which is found on the EHSO website. A radiation safety manual is provided.  Customized training is also required for specialized groups who use radioactive materials or equipment.