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photo from CDC

picture from CDC

Below are the current COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations in place at UIC.   UI Health spaces may have additional requirements.

  • Stay Home if Sick: Stay home and do not come to campus or events if you are ill or have COVID-19 symptoms. This continues to be the first and most important safety measure to maintain a healthy and safe campus environment.
  • Capacity Limits: Capacity at University spaces is limited only by pre-pandemic, UIC Fire Marshal approved numbers. Email if you need to know the capacity of a space allowed by the fire code.
  • Event Approval: Event approval is no longer required.
  • Eating & Drinking: Eating and drinking is permitted at university-sponsored events, both on or off campus. Events that include eating and drinking must provide seating areas for individuals to eat unmasked at a distance.
  • Event Monitoring: It is no longer required that event organizers retain the name, UIN, email, and phone number of event attendees.
  • Visitors: Special requirements for visitors to the campus are no longer required.
  • Masking: Masks are still very effective in protecting from infection. Updated masking requirements for non-clinical campus spaces were effective, February 17, 2023. Decision about wearing a mask is a personal decision based on a personal assessment of risk. These following factors should be considered in a personal assessment of risk:
    • Level of local hospitalizations
    • Vaccination status against COVID-19. Vaccination and staying up to date on your vaccinations decreases risk of hospitalization and death significantly.
    • Recent infection (typically re-infection within 90 days is not likely; however, with new strains infection can occur within 90 days).
    • Whether you have any immunocompromising conditions which can elevate your risk of severe COVID-19 disease or death.

Please email for any questions related to COVID-19 safety.