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Lab ID Cards

Lab ID Cards

Electronic Lab ID Data Card:

A lab ID card is a small card which lists a PI’s contact information and the hazards classes present in the laboratory. The Chicago Fire Department requires this information be posted on doors. When fires, chemical releases, power failures, and other building emergencies occur, emergency responders will not enter laboratories and storerooms without knowing what hazards are in the space. Notify Facilities Management (FIM) at if the room type is incorrect, or rooms are missing or if you do not have access to the online tool.

Hazard Signage and Entrances:

Posting hazard signage is an important first step all researchers must complete before starting any laboratory work. All entrances into laboratories must have two posted signs at public entrance door(s). The hazard signage includes a lab ID card and a hazard placard identifying chemical, biological and radioactive hazards. In addition, all laboratory entrance ways must be closed when conducting laboratory work. Signage at doorways to laboratory spaces must be posted and updated annually or when information changes.


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