Introduction to Hazardous Materials Receiving

Who should take this course? This course is recommended for anyone who may sign for a package (receive) or ship a package from UIC. This is an introductory course which gives an overview of domestic and international regulations.
Prerequisites: None
Class Format: On-line
Topics Covered

  • What to look for when accepting a package
  • Paperwork requirements
  • Security of materials

Training Frequency: This training must be completed every three years.
Register for this course: Introduction to Hazardous Materials Receiving - On Line Course


Shipping Hazardous Materials Training

Who should take this course? Researchers who wish to ship any of the following

  • biological agents
  • infectious substances
  • clinical samples


  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training (if shipping and receiving biological agents, infectious substances, or clinical samples)
  • Introduction to Receiving of Hazardous Materials (on-line course)

Class Format: Classroom
Topics Covered

  • The unique requirements to ship & receive infectious and/or diagnostic samples by ground and/or air
  • Proper package selection and labeling requirements for ambient temperature or dry ice packages
  • Selection of proper packaging and paperwork creation
  • In-depth security of materials before and after shipment
  • Paperwork requirements
  • Procedures to follow when packages are compromised or damaged
  • Specific procedures for opening packages of infectious materials
  • What to do in the event of an occupational exposure

Training Frequency: This training must be completed every two years.
Register for this course: Shipping Hazardous Materials Training - Classroom Course

If you wish to ship hazardous materials other than infectious substances and dry ice, please contact Tom Johnson at (312) 413-2436 for customized training.