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Dry Ice


Tips for Successfully Shipping a Dry Ice Package

  • Do not schedule a dry ice package to go out on a Friday or ship during a holiday.
  • If shipping internationally, note the destination country and make sure you are not going to conflict with any holidays there.
  • Secure your samples in a way that when your dry ice sublimates, the sample will not move around freely inside of the insulated box. Some kits have cardboard inserts to hold the sample in place. If your kit does not, use packing peanuts to help keep your sample in one spot.
  • Do not write anything on the outside of the box other than addresses and Dry ice UN1845 with the Net quantity in Kg. You will risk your package being rejected.
  • Do not over tape your box. Dry Ice does have a small explosion hazard as it releases a large volume of carbon dioxide gas as it sublimates. These packages are designed to safely vent that gas away with just one piece of tape securing the flaps shut.


Dry ice Job Aid

Properly Completed Dry Ice Air Bill