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Safety Data Sheets


OSHA requires that Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all hazardous chemicals be readily accessible.  All labs are required to have the SDS for every hazardous chemical in the laboratory. These documents are a critical component in communicating the hazards contained within the laboratory.  It is important for each lab worker to review the Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals which they may encounter and to familiarize themselves with the SDS format in the event of an emergency.

MSDSonline is very useful tool available to all labs at UIC. Many labs contain hundreds of hazardous chemicals. Storing hard copies of the Safety Data Sheets for each chemical can be very difficult to maintain and may require too much time to access in an emergency situation.

MSDSonline allows for quick access and organization of Safety Data Sheets. Any SDS placed in your lab’s e-binder will be automatically updated if the manufacturer releases an updated version. The MSDSonline database literally contains millions of SDS which can be stored in your lab’s e-binder.  EHSO has prepared a tutorial on how to use the database.

Many departments have been assigned unique user names and passwords to streamline this process. Please contact to request your department’s login credentials.

Please click on image below to access MSDS online database. 


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